Reactions trail Abuja protests against Gov Ohakim

Gov Ohakim of Imo State, Nigeria

From: Discovery News Nigeria

More reactions have continued to follow Thursday’s protest in Abuja by some aggrieved persons from Imo state against Governor Ikedi Ohakim, the state governor with the latest coming from the Orlu Democratic Front (ODF) describing the Abuja trip as “desperate battle for political survival” by the organizers.

In a statement signed by the Coordinator of the group, Mr. Ambrose Obioha and made available to journalists Friday said those who travelled to Abuja for the protest are the same crop of aggrieved politicians who felt they have lost out completely in the current political arrangement of the present administration in the state.

“Can’t you see they have nothing to present to the EFCC. Everyone can organize a rally to the commission but those people at the EFCC don’t just work on mere claims. You have to be able to present your claims in a manner that it can be substantiated when called upon to defend it and this our disgruntled politicians have not been able to show”, he said.

A group of protesters from Owerri, Imo state capital had on Thursday stormed the Abuja office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) where they asked the commission to investigate Governor Ohakim for squandering the state’s resources and defrauding Imo unemployed citizens by asking them to pay N2000 each for a 10,000 job vacancies that do not exist.

But Obioha said the opposition being received by the governor since he assumed office three years ago was only coming from within the party and from members who were not happy the unexpected way Ohakim emerged as the state’s governor.

“These people felt they must have a hand in whosoever would emerge as Imo governor at a time but when God fooled them and enthroned Ohakim in a miraculous way, they felt threatened and ever since have been fighting to finish. This governor had known no peace since he came into office yet he has continued to provide dividends of democracy to the people of the state.

“They vowed from the governor’s first day in office to frustrate him. They have used the courts; they have been using all sorts of propaganda. At a point they even sent somebody to the media claiming that the governor physically assaulted him in the governor’s office. There is nothing they have not done to this governor yet God has kept him there”

Obioha said “these people do not have the interest of the state at heart. They are only after their selfish interests. They would have known that attempting to frustrate the governor means dragging the state backward. They would have waited till election where they can vote him out if they have the support of Ndi Imo. But they have failed again”

He added that the position of Orlu senatorial zone had, and would always remain the same on the issue of zoning arrangement among the three political zones in the state, saying Ohakim should be allowed to complete his term and go for his second tenure for the Okigwe zone adding that his group would mobilize against anyone who would dare to alter the existing zoning formula.


  1. This Ambrose Obioha man and his group do not hail from Otrlu, else the incalculable damage Ohakim has done on government projects in Orlu would have made him and members of his group spit on Ohakim’s face. Ohakim is a wicked man.

  2. i think think this odf group dont exist or are not based in imo state.everybody in imo state knows the name ikedi ohakim means fraud.

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