Gen Ihejirika fights back; says North should be grateful

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— Former Chief of Army Staff Lt.- Gen Azubuike Iheijirika has said that the call made by Northern Elders Forum for his prosecution by the International Criminal Court in the Hague for crimes against humanity is ill conceived.

Speaking with State House Correspondents after worshiping at the Aso Villa chapel, Ihejirika said that the Northern elders should instead be grateful for the gargantuan sacrifices made by the army and other service personnel in stemming the tide of terrorism in the Northern region.

He said: “My reactions to that is that their statement is ill-conceived, perhaps based on some misinformation. The northern elders should be thanking the service chiefs, my officers and myself for making huge sacrifices, first to see that Nigeria is save and the north in particular since they are the first beneficiaries of the sacrifices being made.”

“There is no senatorial zone in this country that has not lost a personnel of the armed forces it is unfortunate that the same elders, if they are really elders have not cared to send a single condolence message to the military.”

“I think that their statement is discouraging and it impacts negatively on the counter-terrorist efforts because as we speak, there are soldiers that have not had a meal since yesterday because of the peculiarity of where they are at the moment.”

Speaking on the war against terrorism, he said, “It has been very busy thing, I believe that very soon Nigerians will be very happy because we have put quite a number of structures in place.”

“I want to say that with some equipment and training that were carried out in recent days, there will be little or no hiding place for the insurgents.”


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  37. Yes. North should really be thankful that Ihejirika did not declare them rebels and go all out to wipe them out like they tried with their co murderers to do to Ihejirika Igbo relatives in the past. It is the Northern people, Shuwa, Murtala, etc and the Yoruba Obasanjo, Ajakunle etc that are war criminals. they are lucky so far

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