South Africa abused my human rights – Swiss Professor

— I am Professor Emeritus of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology(ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland. I am a Swiss citizen of Egyptian origen living in Switzerland since 1961, 85 years old. 2009, I was invited by the South African Academy of Science to attend the TWAS meeting in Durban(TWAS is the International Academy of Science of DEveloping Countries). Upon arriving to Johannesburg airport,the Immigration refused my entry because they have my name on no entry list and they do not know why.They treated me badly and upon my return to Zurich, I wrote to the south African Ambassador in bern with a copy to the SA Academy of science. The Academy delivered my letter to the minister of Science who was opening the meeting and the minister of home affairs as well as the imigration. The academy has tried to help me at the airport but they could not. I wrote many letters to the Ambassador to the ministry of home affairs without any response.
G.W.Bush(former president of the US and known war criminal) has put my name and the name of my late wife Zeinab on a terror list because we were on the board of a management company controlling the accounts of an Islamic Bank. The Swiss government protested and after the interference of the Swiss Parliament could remove our names by a decision of the Security Council of the UN on January 18,2006. The President of South Africa issued on February,24,2006 a declaration removing our names according to the decision of the Security Council which all governments must follow. It seems the South African Immigration neglected both decisions(that of the Security Council and that of the President of South Africa). I assume racist motives .

Now I am invited again as advisor to the International Federation Of Automatic Control(IFAC) to attend the IFAC World Congress in Cape Town. The president is Prof. Ian Craig from Pretoria. The consulate in Bern informed me that my name is still on the no entry list which is a crime.

Thank you and best regards

Mohamed Mansour
Prof. Emeritus ETH>

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