— February 3, 2014 -The NEW TELEGRAPH, Nigeria’s first independent broadsheet is now on the streets of Nigeria and offer readers hard-hitting, thought-provoking news and analysis from the world’s most prominent thinkers and writers.

Slated to open just a year before Nigeria’s heatedly discussed presidential election, the NEW TELEGRAPH will provide objective and incisive coverage of this milestone political event in 2015, while upholding the highest standards in journalism and swiftly earning recognition as the country’s most authoritative news source.

Also offering exclusive business reporting, the NEW TELEGRAPH will educate domestic and international investors about the many business opportunities in Nigeria and the prospects and challenges facing this booming economy. The newspaper will also analyze bank reforms, the energy and agriculture sectors, and capital formulation issues.
Distinct from other newspapers in Nigeria, the NEW TELEGRAPH will additionally provide international reporting from abroad through its bureaus in Brussels and Washington, D.C. Led by TIME Magazine correspondent Leo Cendrowicz and journalist and strategic communications adviser Marshall Comins, respectively, the bureaus will offer readers impactful features, interviews, and ideas, as well as commentary from senior think tank fellows, politicians, and public figures.

Bolaji Tunji, the editor-in-chief of the NEW TELEGRAPH, said: “We are genuinely a global broadsheet and editorial team, possessing the highest ambitions and journalistic standards. By providing our readers with Nigeria’s most compelling and transparent coverage, we will quickly separate ourselves from the abundance of politically-driven publications in the country. We also believe that our online edition will serve as a hub of debate for our Nigerian and international readers.”

The NEW TELEGRAPH newspaper’s inaugural print edition will have a circulation of 100,000. However, in March, the newspaper plans to shift to a daily format and to grow its circulation to half a million copies each weekday. The Saturday and Sunday editions will each prospectively boast from 600,000 to 700,000 copies.

A newspaper with a truly international reach, the NEW TELEGRAPH is a highly anticipated “next step” for Nigeria’s media market, as the country’s increasingly savvy consumers demand improved access to accurate, nonpartisan information.

Readers can check out the online version of the NEW TELEGRAPH newspaper here:


  1. may this organization grows, am of the opinion that this organization should not play on the intelligent of teeming readers but preach what it created for sanctity of truth, LONG LIVE TELEGRAPHY, LONG LIVE NIGERIA, LONG LIVE MEDIA MARKET.

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