Killings in the North, the Region that Wants One Nigeria by all Means – by Mike Amadiu

— 1. In May to October 1966 riots, 36 to 50,000 Southerners mainly the igbos, were MASSACRED in Northern Nigeria. Some were buried alive, others were crucified and killed gradually by having their eyes plucked out, their ears chopped off, their tongues cut and their manhood hacked off. The luckier ones just had their heads severed from their body. Women were raped & thereafter broken bottles forced into their womanhood.

-2. 1980 May: 2467 Christians killed in Zaria

-3. 1980 December 18‐20 Riots in Kano. The Maitatsine sect, 4,177 were killed.

-4. 1982 September 29- October 3. Disturbances in Kaduna, Kaduna State. 53 killed and many churches were burned.

-5. 1982 October 29‐30. Further trouble in Maiduguri, Borno State by the Maitatsine sects. 118 died.

– 6. 1984 February 27-March disturbance in Yola,then
Gongola State by the Maitatsine sect,568 died, Mostly Christain

– 7. 1985 April 26‐28: Riot in Gombe, Bauchi State by the Maitatsine sect. 105 Mostly Christians died.

-8. 1987 March 5th and following days. In Kafanchan, Kaduna State, Christians and Muslims clash at the College of Education.100 Churches were burnt.

-9. 1987 March. Katsina, Funtua, Zaria, Gussau and Kaduna (Kaduna State). A wave of religious riots, many churches were burnt and property destroyed, and many lives were lost.

– 10. 1991 April In Katsina, several lives were lost. Shiite sect in Katsina led by Malam Yahaya Yakubu stired up trouble.

-11. 1991 April, in Tafawa Balewa University (Bauchi State) over 200 lives were lost with properties and 20 churches destroyed.

-12. 1991 October 14‐ 15. In Kano, the attempt of the Izala sect to stop Rev. Bonnke from preaching became violent. Thousands of Christians died & property destroyed. Conservative estimates (3800)

– 13. 1992 February 6th and then May 15‐ 16: Zango Kataf, Zaria, Kaduna State Communal clash becomes a religious clash, with lives and property destroyed.

-14 Funtua (Katsina State). Kalaka to religious sect assaulted a village head. 50 lives were lost and properties destroyed.

– 15. 1999. May 20. Muslim‐Christia n riots in Kaduna, for three days, several hundred were feared dead. 3200 conservative estimate,mostly Christians

-16. 1999. July 18: Hausa and Yoruba riot in Shagamu, over 60 are killed. This led to trouble in Kano where over 70 were killed.

-17. 2000 August 11. About 200 were killed as the army intervened in Taraba State

-18. 2000 October. Sharia Law in is introduced in Zamfara State. 19. 2000 February. Riots in Kaduna over the introduction of Sharia. Over 400 are killed. Mostly Christians

-20. 2001 September 7 Christian‐Muslim conflicts in Jos. Over 500 are killed.

-21. 2001 october 12‐14 In Kano, there were anti‐American riots, because of USA intervention in Afghanistan. At least 350 are killed Mostly Christians.

-22. 2006 February:Sectarian violence sparked by cartoons of Islam’s most revered figure spread to 11 Nigerian cities resulting in the burning of 28 churches and pushing the total death toll to more than 650.

23. Dogo na hauwa masacre 7th march 2010.

Well, according to northerners, GEJ was responsible for the above history. Their argument is that North has always been peaceful before the emergence of Good Ebele Jonathan.
The above recap shows North has always enjoyed spilling the blood of innocent Nigerians mostly christians, yet they want one Nigeria.

What an irony!20140730-051333 pm-62013907.jpg