Why women will vote Jonathan – Olejeme

— The Deputy Chairman, Finance Committee of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organization, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme on Saturday reflected on the acts of courage and determination made by women in the fight for equality so far, praising President Goodluck Jonathan for elevating women in the country.
 “We have witnessed a transformation in women’s participation in public life. More women are exercising leadership in politics and business, more girls are going to school” she said.
In her message for International Women’s Day 2015, Olejeme urged women to make an informed decision when choosing the next president of the country.
 “Nigeria is moving in the right direction. Women have received reasonable positions in government at the federal level. President Jonathan is promoting girl education in remote villages. We have the environment conducive to business investments and trade. We have policies that are expanding the economy. There is the rule of law in this country. The Jonathan led People’s Democratic Party government is committed to fiscal prudence” she said. 
Olejeme advised Nigerian men to move beyond rhetoric and take action to improve the quality of life of women by removing the many obstacles that impede full and equal participation by women at so many levels.
“Women must exercise their choices; they must participate in politics, have income, and live in societies free from violence and discrimination. Women must have access to education and play a full role in the communities’ decision-making processes” she said. 
Olejeme who is also the chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) urged women to redouble their efforts to achieve gender equality. 
She stressed the need for Nigerian women to be guided by a three- word motto: Together We Build.
 “We must keep our eyes on the long -range prize for self and country. We must take an active part in the coming elections and structures that will emerge from these elections”.
On what she knows would take Nigeria forward this month, Olejeme advised Nigerian women to vote for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.
 “A vote for PDP is a vote for progressive policies, high management capacity and vision for serious challenges besetting Nigeria. It is also a vote for inspiring health facilities, high quality education and better future” she added.
 larger space for small and medium- sized business and bringing hope to the people”. 
 Echoing the president’s leadership qualities, Olejeme said “Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is a shining example of honesty, humility and quality leadership”.
“President Jonathan has proved to Nigerians that government is all about accountability. He will continue to educate our children, focus on health care and uphold rule of law at all times”.
Olejeme urged Nigerians to reject those who viewed public life as a means to increase private wealth.
She explained that the issue of winning the March 28election is already a foregone conclusion.
“The task of ensuring victory at the polls for the People’s Democratic Party has been performed by the president through good policies, job creation and projects that have direct impact on the people”.
“Jonathan’s victory in the March 28presidential election will wipe out the cry of marginalization from Nigeria, improve the current reforms and consolidate the gains for the greater good of all Nigerians whether from the North or South” she said.
Olejeme also sympathized with the government and people of Bayelsa State over the death of some prominent women from the state in a motor accident.
Her eyes filled with tears, Olejeme said “it is really hard to believe. It is just so sad”


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