Botswana League: Coach Rodolfo Zapata rubbishes Township Rollers move

— Gaborone United coach Rodolfo Zapata has denied allegation that he is on Township Rollers wanted list. Zapata told Killer Pass website that he was still Money Machine coach,and currently nobody from Township Rollers has contacted him.
The Argentinian coach said that his team’s title hopes are still alive. “Through hard work, discipline and an inspired tactical game, our young players thrived on last Botswana League season. Also the support of our experienced players was very important to re-build their confidence,” he said.

Former South Africa MP Black Aces coach took Gaborone United in a very difficult political, economic and sportive situation, but building upon success was his strategy and each success helped his players to develop their confidence. He however decried that his top goalscorer (Benson Shillongo) did not renew his contract. Due to the financial situation they could not incorporate the players that he needed to fight for the championship from the beginning.

Zapata says Gaborone United assumes the risk that a big team can take. He believes in possession of the ball as a basic idea. “With tactical discipline my players did it all as simple as a sublime way. They were able to do exactly what I believe a football team must always do.”

Talking about Botswana Football, he said big clubs must entertain to take Botswana football to the next level and to bring more people to the stadium. “ I’m happy that via BTV the whole country saw our style. No team among all I have seen play in Botswana Premier League, have seduced me more that Gaborone United,” he said.

“I considered football as an art expression, and a cultural activity. As a musician uses an instrument to play music or a sculptor his hands, players show their talents and skills with the ball inside the pitch. It is the beauty of this game where players find the possibility to express themselves,” coach Rolo Zapata said.