Anambra State 2017: Barth Emeka Nwibe, The Peoples’ Choice

– by Dr. Ndubuisi Nwakakwa
— When the chips are down, the man of honour is known. He, who beats the starter gun, is not the one who wins the race. The race is yet to begin but the breeze of the race is blowing and almost everyone who is interested is feeling the effect.

Who wears the crown and sits on the seat of governance and authority who shall direct the affairs of the state. A state that sets the political pace of Nigeria, a state that has talented persons who are ready to occupy and govern from the seat of authority. Anambra State is the state and who climbs the rostrum to thank the electorate come this year 2017 when the new governor will be elected.

Engineer Barth Emeka Nwibe, where are you? Anambrarians are looking and searching for you. To them, you have been nominated, tested, approved, endorsed and finally elected. You are a man known to have an intimidating antecedent record of honour. A known epitome of consistency and hard work had propelled you up to the zenith of achievements. A giant among his contemporaries, your songs of victory are being rendered by all and sundry in Anambra State, from the least to the greatest, from young to adult etc. At a glance from the list of contestants, yours has a blinking sign of acceptance by the people. This is not the time for neophytes, Anambra cannot afford to experiment again. Your life achievement is your pass mark for the job. Do not turn it down; answer the clarion call, in order to salvage the Anambrarians from the political stagnation they found themselves.

This is an important time for an amiable Anambrarian to choose who will lead the state to a height of greater success and that person is Engineer Barth Emeka Nwibe, (Ugo-Igbo) who among his contribution, to facilitate harmonization of existing infra-structure etc. Anambra State of past has experienced or witnessed unrelentless explosion of political seeker with diversified characters and little achievements. Therefore, the knowledge of each individual base defined the political field has expanded exponentially, thus placing undue burden on citizen of the state.

Engineer Barth Emeka Nwibe, the call to greater position is due to your doggedness and tenacious dynamision to progress in your endeavours. Such quality shall propel you to your longed vision on here and when to focus on the development and progress of youths and populace of Anambra in particular and Nigeria in general to a height of envy. Such, it is concluded now and been positioned as a mirror before you in the articulated aims and objectives of your manifestos as a pivot of your realization.

Your acceptance has given you an ovation, accolade and opulent on your shoulder as earning of your achievement before venturing into politics. Academia of good educational records, from primary through secondary to university, your local and international knowledge and experience have placed you on advantageous position among your political contestants. The ticket of yourparty has carefully been handed over to you, others have decided to rally round you because of their acceptance of your track records, from education to business. As a successful professional in your endeavours business etc. shall always be atouch light to illuminate the state for development. You are an epitome of youthful pursuit and no distance time.

You shall be at the zenith of fame, as you have stood aloof among your contemporaries. You are an alley of idea and ideals, a vessel not only of dynamism, but also of ambition. Your pursuit to climb the ladder of governance and authority of Anambra state has invoked your prowess and impeccable agenda for a true visionary. All have concor that you have been able to cobble what the populace want. You have the power to calm, the power to propel forward and above, power to focus conscientious and ethical beyond reproach.

Ugo-Igbo, among the contestants to the ticket of APC, there is no challenger to him. He has demonstrated his readiness and willingness to govern Anambra to the admiration of all and sundry. This fact he has demonstrated when, during yuletide celebration December 2016, while other contestants were occupied by their personal interest and clued to their mansion, waiting for the would be electorate to pay homage to them, Ugo-Igbo spent his leisure by visiting would be electorate at their domain with gifts in the whole of twenty-one(21) Local Government Areas of the State, sharing their agony and joy in a humen nature.

Who else are Anambrarians looking for, when Engineer Nwibe is already chosen. What remains is to rally and support him so that he will do what he knows how to do best. Engineer Barth Emeka Nwibe has sufficient credentials and resilience to convince the populace that he can govern the state.

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