A brief on the Lower Niger Congress – by Tony Nnadi

— Following a deluge of enquiries by persons who seem to be unaware of the Lower Niger Congress or its role in the Self-Determination Quest of Eastern Nigeria, it became necessary to publish this Brief for the introduction and enlightenment of both the enquirers and the rest of the general public who may wish to know.
Formally Proclaimed and Presented to the Public in Warri, 2009, after years of unpublicized operations and collaborative outreaches, the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) is an aggregation of several Self-Determination initiatives of the Eastern Half of Southern, (now fractured by Nigeria into the 11 States, currently described as the South East and South South, whatever that means).

The LNC, together with its Movement for New Nigeria MNN, Partners, posit that the defunct Federation of Nigeria which collapsed irredeemably since 1966 must now be dissolved dismantled into cohesive blocs of Independent successor-states which may forge new Protocols with as compatible, willing contiguities post-Nigeria.

The LNC and its MNN Partners further holds that the simultaneous imposition and enforcement of Sharia since year 2000 by the 12 Contiguous predominantly Muslim States of the Far North, amounts to a secession from the supposedly secular Federation of Nigeria whose Constitution 1999, flawed as it is, expressly forbid State Religion. 

By this move, that Sharia Bloc has rendered any Union of Nigeria impossible.

The LNC further holds that since the adherents of Sharia owe it an eternal duty of faith to kill the infidel, it has become imperative that the non-sharia rest of Nigeria, particularly the Eastern Half of Southern Nigeria which is completely Christian, make alternative Constitutional Arrangements for their future.

The LNC emplaced an orderly devolution/exit plan via a Referendum (and Plebiscites where applicable), into a prospective Lower Niger Federation, which is basically the 1967 Biafra plus the 1967 Midwestern Region of Nigeria, aggregating as a Six Region Federation of broadly cohesive Ethnographies clearly delineated by the 1885 Ethnolinguistic Map of the Lower Niger Territory, showing those broad Ethnolinguistic Groups, which Map was adopted as the geographical basis of that prospective Lower Niger Federation by the SOLEMN ASSEMBLY OF THE PEOPLES OF THE LOWER NIGER IN PORT HARCOURT ON THE 27TH APRIL 2015, which mandated a Referendum to decide the future of the Territory, all in keeping with the Self-Determination Rights of the Nationalities, entrapped since 1914 into the failed Lugardian experiment called “Nigeria”, as enunciated by the appropriate UN Instruments on the subject.

Currently, the LNC is Registering 3million Referendum Volunteers for Training and Deployment towards various tasks associated with the Referendum already being processed for the Territory.

(Both MASSOB, IPOB and the Niger Delta Agitations, subscribe to what has become the Lower Niger Referendum Movement).


To Register as Referendum Volunteer, click on “REFERENDUM” at the homepage of the LNC website and follow the prompts.

The LNC website is:

 www.lnc-usa.org for more.

Enquiries to +234-810-056-9448.

Tony Nnadi is the Secretary-General, Lower Niger Congress.