– by Abubakar Abdulmusawwir –

In societies where people have a sense of decency, decorum and proportion, characters like Dino Melaye will not be allowed anywhere close to the fence of the Senate building, not to talk of being a Honorable Distinguish Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I am not amaze that we are not getting things as we desire in this country, because our laws are being made by the rabble-rousers, who are always ready to do anything to scuttle the fight against corruption by President Buhari administration.

If people like Melaye, who in his vocabulary, the word ‘integrity’ does not exist, would be allow to continue to be making laws for us, then the word ‘eligibility’ should be removed from the Nigerian Electoral Act, 2010.

Any law make by the likes of Melaye, is certainly not worth reading, as it would not be more important than manual for operating a massage machine.

I burst into laughter when I heard that Melaye once led a campaign against bribery and corruption, but I later said to myself, that the word ‘corruption’ he was campaigning against was different from the one that is defined in the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary as dishonest or illegal behaviour, especially of people in authority.

Melaye should now be wallowing in EFCC detention, not sitting in the Senate at our detriment because it was reported that he continued to operate a checking and savings account with a US bank, which is an open violation of the Nigerian law that he claims to be a custodian of. 

He has not denied the report and he repeatedly dodged questions about the account, despite evidence provided including transaction dates, bank statements, card numbers, and location of the transactions.

Nigeria’s Code of Conduct Bureau had in a clear terms prohibits the use of foreign accounts by elected and public officials.

Here are the series of scandals committed by Melaye and few among many reasons why he should not be in any position of authority


Now that we are working with partners around the world like Global Rights for Women to promote women’s human right and build a world in which violence against women is unacceptable, a world where there is no room for hostility to women’s testimony of violence in all agencies and a world in which women and girls are free to fulfil their potential as equal and capable citizens.

It is disheartening and lamentable to have a person like Melaye, in an institution which we want to work with its members to achieve an effective reform on violence against women and girls.

Melaye is a person who had developed a fearsome reputation for intimidating people, especially women. He is a fearsome monster who believes that women deserve to be beaten because they are sub humans

Not so long ago, he threatened to beat up his fellow senator, Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu and ‘impregnate’ her on the floor of the senate

But instead of showing some form of remorse and apologize to her and Nigerians during the press conference on the incident, he went ahead to say “I did not threaten to impregnate her. Biologically, it is even impossible to impregnate Mrs. Tinubu because she has arrived menopause.” What an insult to womanhood? But at no time did he deny threatening to beat her.

He later flew to Lagos and posted on Facebook photographs of himself “walking freely” on Bourdillion Road where Senator Tinubu lives.

In view of Melaye’s antecedent, she was compelled to write a letter to the Inspector General of Police and asked for “adequate security” for fear Mr. Melaye might kill her.

Her only offence was cautioning him about the use of his language and threats, reminding him that they also have equal rights as he and they were also in the Senate to represent their constituents.

Senator Tinubu is an experienced ranking senator unlike Melaye, she is best known for her modesty and simplicity and above all she is a woman. But Melaye never took all these into consideration as he issued threats, while boasting he would face no consequence even if fulfilled his criminal threats.

She was then the Chairperson Senate Committee for Women Affairs. Her passion to defend women has now become an inspiration for other women.

But with the likes of Melaye in the Senate, a senator who has no respect for womanhood, which woman would feel free and safe to express herself without self-censorship, not to talk of dreaming to go to Senate, an institution, he succeeded to make a no go area for women and men that are not physically strong or disable.

When he threatened Mrs. Tinubu, many Nigerians were amazed and irritated by his character but what they do not know is that Melaye had always exhibited such criminal conduct. Even men are not immune from Melaye’s rascality

On September 20, 2007, as a first time lawmaker, Melaye exchanged blows with two of his colleagues, Emmanuel Jime (Benue) and Samuel Sajero (Lagos). The ugly incident forced the panel to adjourn the sitting.

He also took on another female lawmaker, Mercy Alumona-Ise, who he disrespectfully abused and threatened to assault.

That was how he first came into the limelight and national prominence as an extremely troublesome and undesirable element and this is exactly the reason why some people call him “The Thug of the Senate”.

Videos of his fighting are still available and accessible online, you will see him in the video leaving the house in a thorn cloth, while other lawmakers were abusing him.

It was reported that he is currently unmarried. Melaye cannot lives with a woman. He was previously married to Tokunbo Melaye for ten years. She filed for divorce and claimed that he beat her up and pointed a gun to her head.

After he got separated with Tokunbo, he moved another woman into the home he shared with Tokunbo. The woman named Alero Falope also moved out six month later.

Though, we believe that Buhari administration remains committed to ensuring the protection of all women from all forms of gender-based violence and we also believe that President Buhari desire to see that Nigerian women live to fulfill their aspirations in a peaceful and prosperous country. But I do not think his effort will see the light of the day, with the likes of Mealye in the Senate.


Melaye had reportedly claimed that he obtained seven degrees from different institutions around the world, which include prestigious Harvard’s University Kennedy School for Educational Leadership and London School of Economics and Political Science

But the claim was later refuted by both institutions, with Harvard claiming that he only presented himself for a week long professional development course in late 2016. While LSE claimed that there is no evidence on its database that he ever obtained any degree from them.

Though, Melaye was cleared on the dispute surrounding his first degree by the Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. However, there are certain discrepancies that beg for more clarifications.


Senator Melaye had formed the habit of downgrading and degrading the cabinet members of President Buhari, in most cases, he describes them “mere appointees of the president.”

Just of recent, he spoke disparagingly of the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, SAN, only because he discharged his duty as the Chief Law Officer of Nigeria

He forgot that the same constitution that gives him power as a senator, also gives more power to the Attorney General, the constitution even gives him a power that was given to none, a power that cannot be taken by 469 NASS Members.

The Attorney General enjoys several constitutional powers, among which is the power of nolle prosequi (The power to terminate legal proceedings)

The very Attorney General, he disparaged, has the power to terminate the legal proceeding against the Senate President, a proceeding that is making them to have sleepless nights.

Even the president has not been free from Melaye’s attack; he mentions his name without respect and constantly belittled his achievements

This is the highest level of indiscipline, disrespect and betrayal to the president and his party, APC, which gave him a chance to clean his mess and redeem his battered image. If not for Buhari and APC, he would have been languishing in Kogi West.

It is disgusting to know that a mere senator, that is representing less than 400,000 people could have the temerity to disrespect and challenge the authority of the president of over 170 million people and a Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces.

But much to my surprise, Kogi West people are not even contemplating recalling this character from the Senate, which is a duty they owe Nigerians. 

Abubakar Abdulmusawwir