Africa: A new way of learning using “virtual training”

for those interested in careers in banking, accounting and management

Guarantee Trust Institute of Business (GTIB), which has placed more than 10,000 graduates in employment over the last 13 years, has launched a unique series of qualifications aimed at those seeking a career in, financial services, accounting or management.

Barbara Calvin, with a background in international banking, micro-lending and education, Is Executive Manager of Qualifications.

“What is unique about our training methods is that we focus on turning a qualification into a skill, so that our graduates are able to perform the functions expected of them from the very first day of employment. In addition to that, we have an in-house recruitment team that assists in placing our graduates in employment. Historically, we have placed more than 90% of our graduates.”

Another unique aspect of GTIB is its virtual learning environment. Students across Africa looking for a career in banking, for example, are able to cut their teeth in a “virtual banking environment” that simulates actual banking tasks, such as credit assessments, loan approval procedures and foreign exchange transactions. All of this is done online using exactly the same procedures that are used in an actual banking environment. The system was developed with the assistance of seasoned bankers.

Similarly, accountants are trained in a “virtual office” environment where they are expected to take an actual company’s accounts to the trial balance stage. This means that on graduation, they are able to enter employment and perform the functions expected of an accountant from the very first day.

“All too often, accountants graduate from college or university but they have no practical experience, nor do they understand the office environment. Our training is designed to give them these work-readiness skills so they are able to hit the ground running when they enter employment,” says Calvin. “There is no need for the company to go through a whole new training programme to get the employee up to speed.”

GTIB also offers qualifications in management and office administration, and will soon add a wealth management programme to its curriculum.

GTIB is based in South Africa and its curriculum is designed according to international best practices. The qualifications are available online or at its Johannesburg campus for those who prefer face-to-face tuition.

The GTIB programmes are built around four pillars:

• high completion rates, assisted by course facilitators to overcome students’ areas of study weakness

• work-readiness through professional simulation (this is where students engage in simulated challenges that occur in real world professional situations)

• soft skills development (this is a crucial area of differentiation that has been found to accelerate career path growth. This includes tools for life-long learning, communications skills and the principles of professional success)

• job placement (an in-house recruitment team assists in finding employment for graduates, and has a 90% success rate over 13 years).

These intensive programmes, combined with an emphasis on practical application in a simulated environment, allows graduates to complete their training in up to 15 months, at which point they are ready to launch their careers. GTIB has a team of recruiters working full-time to assist graduates in finding work.

GTIB’s combination of online and face-to-face learning makes it possible to deliver anywhere in the world. Its flexible programming is ideal for those with limited schedules and work commitments, but who are looking to advance or change their careers.


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