Must Read: Letter from a Bulgarian woman to Nigeria

— Dear African Herald Express:
    My name is Elitsa Agbukor. I`m Bulgarian married for Nigerian man. My husband Dennis Agbukor is in Nigeria now and we are separated from almost 8 months already because he is waiting for his new international /green/ passport.

He applied for a new passport in the first days of January this year in the Immigration service in Abuja and is still expecting it. He changed his flight five times already just because the Nigerian migration administration in Abuja is not working, they have a lot of problems and of course some people working there are expecting more and more money. Even today they asked him for money again to prepare his passport. We had promise that his passport will be ready before the end of February, then on March, in the end of April, then till 16th of May, now he is expecting it till the end if June and as you can see we are still waiting. I can just say that people there are not doing their job and we are expecting his passport to be done five months till now if the statutory maximum period is one month.

Just because of the corruption in the federal institutions in Nigeria one family is separated and one child is growing without his father and no body know will my husband be able to be back here in Bulgaria and live with his family and if he can do it one day, when will be that day.

We all are people, no matter of our nationality, religion or color of the skin and we all have human rights. Right now one state tramples the human rights of my husband and mine also. I can`t be with him because of his problem. Every single day some people are telling us that his passport will be ready on the next day, every single day in the last five months we are expecting it and every single day we are disappointed because it is not ready. We are losing the hope that we will be together again.

As I can see we are not the only people with this problem. Thousands of people in Nigeria are expecting their documents with months, sometimes more than six- seven months. Some of them are far from their families same like we are.

He is in Nigeria, I am in Bulgaria and no matter how much we want to be together, we can`t.

Can you tell me is that not violation of our human rights?

I`m ready to leave everything here and go to Nigeria if I can but if I do it I must do it alone because I can`t apply for a passport for our child without my husband to sing the documents and can`t leave the country with him without notary signed declaration from my husband giving me the right to leave my country with our child no matter I want to go to my husband`s country so we can live all together.

In my country if the government can do nothing the media can do it . I`m sure it`s same all around the world and this is why I`m writing this letter to you.

Please, help one family to be together. I`m sure we are not the only family with this problem and maybe this will help so many other families to be together too.

Best regards

Elitsa Agbukor