2019: Ike Ibe declares his interest in Imo governorship

— Press Release, June 9, 2017 —

My dear brethren, my name is Ike C. Ibe. My father is late Hon. Justice Gerald Iheukwumere Ibe and my mother is Virginia Ukachi Ibe both of Obowu IMO state. Like many of you, I’ve come a long way. When I was born at Emekuku hospital Owerri, the doctors Said I had limited chances of surviving. I was a constant patient in that hospital for the first two years of my life and only surviving miraculously because of my mother’s resort to prayers. God had a purpose for me. I’ve seen good and bad. I’ve seen pain and adversity. In life, I have struggled like all. I have succeeded in many places and also failed in some places. I give God all honor and glory. When I suffered a family tragedy on June 3rd 2012 loosing my dear wife Nancy and loving daughter Jennifer and aunty Maria in the Dana plane crash, many people thought I will not survive the trauma. Many said nobody ever goes through such trauma and becomes human again. They were wrong. But my faith in God was absolute. God used me and my daughter Jessica as a vessel of resilience and survival, a testament of His glory and an example of faith and courage. Yes, God kept me for a purpose part of which is the journey He has just told me to begin. According to God’s wishes I remarried in July 2016 and Uchechi and I were recently blessed with a beautiful new baby Chiamaka Sophia Ogochukwu on March 15, 2017. She is already playing with her big sister Jess and giving us a new meaning for life. Because He lives, I now face tomorrow. My yesterday’s tomorrow is today. You know my history and you know my story. For several months now, many of you have been following my public exchanges with God and my supplications to Him about 2019. I have asked you to pray for me and talk with me. I have asked you to give me time as I seek the face of God. I have seen the LIGHT. I have seen the face of God. The voice of the people is the voice of God. Before now I had no plans for 2019, but I knew God had plans for me. Haven taken time to consult with my family and friends, my ward, my local government, my zonal leaders, and today the with the entire state executive of APGA, it is in total submission to the will of God that I hereby INFORM YOU ALL THAT I INTEND TO SEEK YOUR SUPPORT AND MANDATE TO BE THE NEXT GOVERNOR OF IMO STATE FROM 2019. This decision is well thought out and I’m ready psychologically, spiritually and emotionally. Events of my life have prepared me for this. Challenges of my life have moulded me for this. My upbringing has equipped me for this and God has INSTRUCTED me on this. We are therefore starting a long and tough journey for the LIBERATION of IMO state from the present anguish and squalor it has been consigned to. Every citizen of IMO state know the pains and agonies our people have been facing for several years. Civil servants, teachers, pensioners, market men and women, artisans, Youths, school children, professional bodies, business people and entrepreneurs have all unwittingly become casualties of a broken system. No one has been spared the gruesome and painful consequences of a failed state inspite of the almost one trillion Naira that has accrued to our state since 2011. There is an abysmal and endless rigmarole over infrastructure policies resulting to several uneconomic and unviable abandoned projects dotting all over the place. The entire economy of the state has been placed selfishly into the hands of a few family members and friends. The role of government is to provide the greatest good for the greatest number of people. It is the reverse in IMO state. 
In a few months, political parties will begin the process of nominating governorship candidates. Whoever becomes governor of IMO state in 2019 will face unimaginable and unbelievable challenges and responsibilities. It will require great administrative skills and the necessary leverage to bring the state out of doldrums. It will require one with a thinking head and a huge appetite to bring genuine reforms and development to the state. It will require a rational human being who understands the difference between being a selfless leader and a selfish leader. It requires a person with the vision to lead and the courage to deliver on leadership. It requires one who understands and respects the institutions of government and who has the ability to find and engage the best hands and brains to man different departments of government. It requires one who respects the rule of law and follows due process in administration and execution. It requires one who will neither deceive nor take the people for granted and who will keep his promises to the people. It will require an ORGANIZED person so that the state will become once more organized and prosperous. Dear brethren, this is the journey we have began today. It is the IMO STATE LIBERATION MOVEMENT. Be part of it. Be a partaker. Be a prayer warrior. Be a mobilizer. Be a contributor. Be a believer. Be an organizer. The lord has said to me ‘IKECHUKWU, I have sent you to my people and they shall receive you, you shall serve them and liberate them, you shall heal them and make them smile again’. Though the journey will be tough and rough, I will be strong through Him who strengthens me. I will fear no evil for He is with me. I am just a vessel in His hands and may His will be done in this journey and in our lives. 

Behold—-IKECHUKWU, the vessel of God for IMO LIBERATION. May God bless and keep us all. Amen.