Nigeria: What the founding fathers intended – by Mbe Nwaniga

— Australia is 7.692 million km². This means the country is over 8 times bigger than Nigeria which is 923,768 km² big.
Australia however is divided into 6 states and 2 tiny territories. Each state in Australia has its own constitution, is equal to other states and equal to the federal government of Australia.

Canada with 9.985 million km² land mass is even a bigger federation but is politically divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories. Each province is autonomous and doesn’t wait for the central government to send it allocations every month to pay secondary school teachers or build roads.

In India federalism, the state of Utter Pradesh has a landmass of 243,290 km² which is almost as big as the whole of Southern Nigeria and an estimated 204 million population which is bigger than than Nigeria itself. Utter Pradesh is still one of the 29 states of India and is constitutionally equal to Goa, another Indian state with just 3,702 km² and 1.8 million population.

The argument about political division of constituent states/regions of Nigeria based on landmass is insane. The men clinging to this lame proposition to oppose restructuring and the birth of true federalism in Nigeria belong to the medieval times.

Nigeria is naturally suited for 6 states of equal status along the 6 existing geopolitical zones. Six states as federating units each with its own constitution, 50% derivation, 30% payable to a distributable account and 20% to the FG will make Nigeria as good as those other federal countries mentioned above.

We will continue to say no to this structured poverty, underdevelopment, violence and chaos of the 36 unviable states and the 1999 constitution.

This is what the founding fathers intended.