Ogoni Cleanup: Exclusion of Communities Can Cause Crises in Ogoniland

— Following consultations with Ogoni stakeholders including youth bodies in all 8 Ogoni kingdoms, the “Save Our Ogoni Project” hereby expresses her condemnation of the actions of Dr. Marvin Dekil, the Project Coordinator of HYPREP over his unilateral selection of some Ogoni youths for overseas training.
We are particularly disturbed that Dr Marvin Dekil by his actions could throw Ogoni into another civil crises as his actions are not all inclusive and appear to be driven by a particular political party.

“The Save Our Ogoni Project hereby issue a 3-day ultimatum to the HYPREP Project Coordinator, Dr. Marvin Dekil, to withdraw his nominations and consult with all stakeholders and youth bodies in Ogoni in respect of the selection of youths for training regarding the Ogoni cleanup”.

We completely reject the list of nominees provided by Dr. Dekil for training as they were selected based on political party affiliations and urge the Federal Government to impress on the managers of HYPREP, especially the Governing Council, to consult all relevant stakeholders to avoid any crises in Ogoniland.


Anthony Aalo

Coordinator, Save Our Ogoni Project