Crisis Looms in Ogoni as Soldiers Back Shell’s Forceful Resumption of Oil Mining

— The MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators’ Forum wishes to alert the general public of a planned crackdown and violation of human rights in Ogoniland as Shell and the NPDC backed by Nigerian soldiers begin the laying of pipelines in Ogoni against the wishes of the people.
The MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators Forum representing all 6 Ogoni kingdoms and 2 special areas vehemently condemn these actions of the NPDC and Shell and demand immediate withdrawal from the Ogoni territories.

We state categorically that neither Shell nor the NPDC are accepted in Ogoniland for the resumption of oil mining.

We therefore call on Nigeria’s military authorities to avert the impending bloodshed and mindless killing which is the clear intention of this affront.

We understand that killing the Ogoni people is not new to Shell neither does the company use its conscience in dealing with Ogoni issues, however, Shell and the NPDC’s forceful entry into Ogoni oilfields remains unacceptable to us as a people.

We further state that we are committed and willing to peacefully and non-violently confront these intruders if they fail to comply with our demand for immediate withdrawal from Ogoniland.


Tanee Wilfred Miigbara (Chairman, MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators Forum and Coordinator, Babbe Kingdom)