NPDC Linked to Cult Crises in Ogoniland

— The Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) has been accused of sponsoring cultism and violence in Ogoniland. gathered that the NPDC in a desperate effort to divide the people and encourage attacks against activists who are strongly opposed to the resumption of oil production by the company in Ogoniland is doling out huge sums of money to bloody cult gangs to deal with any opposition against its interests.
Information available to suggest that the NPDC has “hired some expert stakeholder analysts to work on Biara and other Gokana communities with the aim of resuming oil production in the area. The first groups of the so-called stakeholders NPDC is “working with”( DOLING OUT HUGE CASH TO THEM WITH MORE PROMISES) are the bloody cult gangs (Deebam and Deewell/Icelander) as identified by their stakeholder analysts. These are bunch of notoriously murderous cult gangs are sublimely naive about the issues of environment and other descent ways of doing things”.

Publicity Secretary of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsuke has condemned the action of the NPDC and called for a halt in their operations in Ogoniland saying such actions are capable of igniting a crisis which could lead to the death of locals. Nsuke said the Ogoni people have suffered immensely in the hands of Nigerian soldiers in the past and coupled with the pains of marginalization and environmental pollution which are already sending many to death, the NPDC’s actions are shameful, wicked, condemnable and should not be heard of in any civilized society.

Nsuke said: The NPDC is waging a war against the Ogoni people, conscious of the fact that Ogoni will not accept any form of oil mining on the land, what the NPDC is doing with the aid of Nigerian soldiers is preparing to spill Ogoni blood for nothing. The Ogoni people have made it clear that no form of oil mining should resume without proper negotiation and to the best of our knowledge neither the executive committee of MOSOP, the Central Committee or and Ogoni congress has accepted the resumption of oil mining based on any discussions with government, Shell or the NPDC.

The MOSOP spokesman called for an immediate withdrawal of the NPDC from Ogoniland and urged the Nigerian authorities to avert the impending bloodshed by cautioning and halting the activities of the NPDC in Ogoniland.

Also speaking on the issue, president of the National Youth Council of the Ogoni People (NYCOP), Dr. Young Nkpah called on the NPDC to withdraw from the sites in Ogoniland saying that the Ogoni youths will not accept the renewed violations. Nkpah said NYCOP will call Ogoni youths to protest this recent assault by the NPDC describing it as unacceptable.

At the time off filling this report, the NPDC has not made a statement regarding its recent operations in Ogoniland, however, it continues the pipe laying activity around Biara in Gokkana local government area with the aid of Nigerian soldiers.