Brazil Africa Institute: ATLANTICO interviews Gilbert Houngbo

— Fortaleza, July 28, 2017

The 11th edition of ATLANTICO magazine features an interview with Gilbert Houngbo. To the our reporters, the president of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), he talks about his tenure and the prospects for the future of agriculture. Among other issues, the publication also includes an analysis of Petrobras’s operations in Africa, the illegal trade of ivory and the story of Maria da Penha Fernandes, Brazilian which names the law that seeks restrain and prevent domestic violence and family against women. 

ATLANTICO is quarterly and bilingual publication (English / Portuguese). With an average circulation of 5,000 copies, has free and targeted distribution. The content of the journal is directed to South-South Cooperation focusing on Brazil-Africa relations. “One of the challenges of ATLANTICO, from its first issue, is to always consider, in the guidelines, the natural cyclical movements to the dynamics of the world,” explains Gualter George, editor of the magazine. “The reader who accompanies us from the initial number realizes without greater difficulties than the magazine ATLANTICO, more than an editorial line, has a commitment.”

The Institute

Created in 2013, Brazil Africa Institute is an institution devoted to South-South cooperation, focusing on Brazil-Africa relations. For this, we are developing innovative projects, such as Brazil Africa Forum, Mandela Exhibition and promotion techniques of African delegations to Brazilian companies and institutions visits. This work has resulted in partnerships with important organizations such as NEPAD, African Development Bank, OP Jindal Global University and Center of Excellence Against Hunger.