Imo CP Dasuki continues to detain, degrade 100s of Igbo women in Owerri

– Ndigbo, what are you going do about hundreds of your innocent women arrested and detained in your own land (Owerri) since August 17 by Fulani Imo Commissioner of Police Dasuki Galadanchi? Why are you silent? Have you surrendered?

Today makes it THREE days and still counting. Is it now a crime for Igbos to peacefully demonstrate or gather together in their own land to demand justice?

Why are Fulani herdsmen who have killed thousands not being arrested?

Is it possible that an Igbo Commissioner of Police will carelessly arrest, detain, degrade and dehumanize Fulani Muslim women in Sokoto or Katsina?

Below are pictures of your fine young and elderly women cramped, degraded and dehumanized in a dank, smelly cell in your own land.