Did Nnamdi Kanu predict the fall of Chief Justice of Nigeria

– In several of his weekly broadcasts from Israel in recent times, IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu had predicted that the “cabal ruling in the name of Buhari” will move against the Chief Justice of Nigeria.

In one of those broadcasts, Kanu had said “If you doubt me that the 2019 presidential election is already rigged, you will be convinced when the Cabal moves against the Chief Justice of Nigeria in the coming weeks”.

Kanu’s take on the matter was against the backdrop of his insistence that IPOB will boycott the 2019 general election, charging that the election result “will not reflect the will of the voters” and that the “apex leadership of the Nigerian judiciary which finally decides the presidential election petition will be felled and reconstituted to favour the Cabal in advance of the election”.