Advert Rates

Advert Rates for The Online Version of African Herald Express

Leaderboard (Top/Mid. or left side bar) 460 x 60 -100 + 5% VAT

Leaderboard (Top Middle Below 1st) 460 x 60 -100 + 5% VAT

Right Side of Logo or right side bar 250 x 65 -100 + 5% VAT

Small Banner (Top Left sidebar) 200 X 60 -100 + 5% VAT

Small Banner (Top Right sidebar) 200 x 60 -100 + 5% VAT

Small Banner (Above Headlines) 230 x 60 -100 + 5% VAT

Small Banner (Bottom sidebar right) 170 x 60 – 80 + 5% VAT

Small Banner (Bottom of sidebar left) 170 x 60 – 80 + 5% VAT

Leaderboard (Bottom of Homepage) 460 x 60 -100 + 5% VAT

Vertical Banner (Bottom of Homepage) 225 x 400 -100 + 5% VAT

Sponsored/Text Link 30 words (max) 80 + 5% VAT

All rates are in US Dollars (if you are paying in Naira, please multiple by 150.

Artwork to be provided by Advertisers, saved in JPEG or GIF format or other publishable format.

Adverts should be pre-paid before Publication.

Adverts rates are subject to review up or down.

Adverts that will run for more than six months may attract a discount
NOTE: If strict compliance with placement and size is technically difficult or does not conform to the design of this site, Admin reserves the right to place the Advert elsewhere on the site or edit the artwork to fit into the site. Admin will try to give the placement equal prominence, as far as possible.

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