5 Star Movement to vote on a confidence motion for the Executive

The resignation caused by the refusal of the 5 Star Movement to vote on a confidence motion for the Executive in the Senate, was later rejected by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. The grillini had been confronting Prime Minister Mario Draghi for weeks, first over the shipment of weapons from Ukraine and, later, on account of a decree on aid to citizens with which they disagreed on some points. Spurious reasons, since what they wanted was to seek their own profile after their internal disagreements and recover media projection. The head of state thus tries to buy time to avoid early electionsthat could greatly harm the country’s fragile stability. But he has only five days to achieve it and some extremely delicate months ahead.

Italy is the largest recipient of European Union funds from the Post-Pandemic Recovery Plan. The almost 230,000 million euros allocated (between loans and direct injections) are conditional on a series of reforms and commitments not yet completed. Draghi, in addition, was called to design a budget law in October that would arm Italy in the face of a delicate scenario of inflation and increases in the risk premium.

But, above all, the Italian Prime Minister had emerged as one of the key figures in European opposition to the war unleashed by Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. With Boris Johnson out cold in the UK, Emmanuel Macron weakened by Parliament’s opposition to him in France, and Olaf Scholz too ambiguous in Germany, the Italian prime ministerhe had become an irreplaceable moral leader on this issue. The paths that the war may take, and the decisions that Moscow adopts in the autumn regarding the flows of gas and oil to Europe, open a horizon of uncertainty against which a political and institutional crisis is the worst news.

The Italian parties are already noticing the proximity of the elections, originally scheduled for April, when the legislature ends. For this reason, in recent months their leaders have tried to mark some signs of identity that would give them back the political identity that was gradually being diluted in the unity government that Mario Draghi has chaired for 17 months.

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The accident that caused his resignation on Wednesday has to do with the need for the 5-Star Movement to stop its bleeding of votes and parliamentarians (last week it lost about 60).

The trigger for this critical escape has been an irresponsible move by Giuseppe Conte, twice Italian prime minister and today turned into a weak leader at the mercy of the mood swings of what remains of the anti-system party. That is why there is still a small margin for the former ECB president, unaccustomed to changing his mind, to agree to reconsider his decision and have time to bring the Italian ship to port.

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