Petroprix Opens Two Corner Stores In Madrid

The Jaen-based company Petroprix, the largest independent fuel operator without a franchise, has opened new service stations in Madrid and Galicia in recent weeks, at a time of uncertainty and legal insecurity that has caused more than 300 gas stations to close in Spain due to to the consequences of the approval of Royal Decree Law 6/2022, which entered into force last Friday, April 1.

“The situation is complicated and there are many gas stations that have closed due to lack of liquidity, but at Petroprix we are firmly convinced that the situation will clear up and that our obligation is to offer consumers a refueling alternative with more adjusted prices and the same quality “, explained Manuel Santiago, CEO of Petroprix .

The new facilities are located in the Madrid city of Majadahonda and in the Galician town of Lugo . They will have at least four pumps that will offer gasoline 95 and diesel with multifunctional additives HQ300 and HQ400, helping to improve engine performance, keeping injectors clean and avoiding the formation of foam and splashing during refueling, among other advantages.

The openings of these new gas stations are part of the national expansion plan that the company has drawn up for this 2022, where they hope to exceed 135 stations distributed between Galicia, the Basque Country, Catalonia, the Valencian Community, Castilla León, Andalusia, Madrid, Cantabria and Asturias.

Fuel discount
Petroprix, has taken advantage of the announcement of the openings to denounce that during the first weekend of the entry into force of the bonus of 20 cents, where more than 200,000 customers refueled in the first weekend, they had to advance a million euros. Reason why the company has requested specificity so that companies in the sector know how to clarify doubts . Thus, Petroprix has registered more than 1,900,000 refuelings since said decree came into force, 161% more than the previous year.

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